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Easy and quick way to start Chia farming.

Download up to 100 MB/s (~16 min/plot)

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TOTAL PRICE - $ / Per plot 3$


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How we work?

We provide our customers with direct download links(SSL and password protected) to their plot files. We provide 1Gbps/10Gbps/100Gbps connection depend on requirement.

What can we offer?

If you are new to Chia and don't have any experience, we can do all work for you. We will provide all equipment and plots needed for you to start farming. We have a direct connection to hard drive supplier and affordable prices. We will fill all drives with plot files and ship them to you. Also you can colocate all drives in our DC so you don't need any equipment and space to farm.

What is Chia?

Chia is a modern cryptocurrency built from scratch, designed to be efficient, decentralized, and secure.

Where are my public keys?

On windows:

Start a command line, just press Win + R then type cmd and click OK
Find the Chia daemon executable with this command:
FOR /F "tokens=*" %g IN ('where /r %LOCALAPPDATA% chia.exe') do (SET CHIA_EXE=%g)
And finally, run
%CHIA_EXE% keys show | find "public key" | find /V "Master"

On linux or macOS:

Open a shell/terminal, activate your chia then:
chia keys show | grep 'Pool\|Farmer'

How much time do I have to download the plot files?

When first batch ready our system automaticly set protected download link, and send an email to you. Then you have 5 days to download it. We provide a very fast download speed usually 60-80 MB/s (peak 100 MB/s), or our team can expand download limit to 10Gbps when is needed.

How big is a plot?

Of course we use the recommended k=32 value, so one file is ~101 GB.

Do you have any further questions?

Support e-mail
WhatsApp +387 (0) 66 686 303